Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Belated update

Well over two months have passed since my last post and six months since my last race. I feel I'm about 92% recovered from the surgery. I have trained steadily in this time am am currently training 10 times per week clocking up 110k's last week. However, it has all been slow running between 5:00min and 5:30min pace. My head and balance are still not quite up to anything faster.

At times, its been hard to train 10 times a week not having any idea when my next race will be, nor having a goal race but I'm excited about what I can do after building up a Lydiard style base of fitness over the next few months.

Please note that after a lot of spam over the past two months, I have switched on word verification for those wishing to comment on the blog.



Superflake said...

Good to see you are still training Matt. Hope the balance eventually returns fully and you can get back running fast again. You'll have to come down with Tesso for CS2 in August. A good short goal race. And very social.

Bay said...

Wow Matty, I know that there's been an intervening couple of months of hard work, but sounds like things are going well. Good to hear!

Can't wait to follow you're progress to see how the long slower build-up affects your final PB's.

Stef said...

Come on Mattie - you must have one race at the back of your mind.... you think about running too much not to.