Sunday, October 25, 2009

Frustration! Out of action.

Well, I have not run for 17 frustrating days now - my longest period of non-running since my comeback in January 2004. I had successful cochlear implant surgery on my right ear on October 8th and it was anticipated that I would require no more than a week off from running to allow time for the incision to heal. Unfortunately an unexpected side effect was severe dizziness. Thing back to when you were a kid and would spin around 10 times before trying to run in a straight line or perhaps to your nightclubbing days when you would stagger home with a blood alcohol level of .250 - that's been my life for the last fortnight. It wasn't until 36 hours after the procedure that I was able to stagger unassisted to the bathroom.

Improvement since then has been painstakingly slow and I have been unable to work or drive for the last 17 days, let alone run. I reckon I'm now about 60-65% recovered. Over the last week, however, I have been able to manage a reasonably brisk 45 minute walk most days and am hopeful that I should be able to get behind the wheel and start running again within the next week or two.


glenda said...

Chin up Matt. You will be right as rain soon. Maybe we can make a comeback together.

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